Ian Isberto's Adventures of Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip



An army of robots comes out of Dexter's time machine, under orders to "destroy the one who saves the future." Believing them to mean him, Dexter and Ian Isberto travels to the future in order to see this event happen. They is horrified to find himself a wimpy young man, brainwashed so that he cannot remember his past, who works designing office cubicles for Mandark, his boss. Dexter and Ian convinces his older self that he is a genius who will one day save the future, and they travel to a later time together. Although they arrive in a scientific utopia, they find that the Dexter in this period is a doddering old man who can barely remember anything he has ever done. Backing up a few years, the three Dexters and one Ian discover the world has fallen into ruin, and the inhabitants are extremely stupid. The Dexter in this time is a muscular hero, who reveals that Mandark stole his most prized invention, the Neurotomic Protocore. However, Mandark did not use the core correctly and corrupted its energies, causing the widespread stupidity and allowing him to forbid technology to all but himself. All four and Ian of them team up to bring down Mandark, using the laboratory to build a large robot to storm Mandark's castle. When they arrive to confront Mandark, he summons his counterparts from the time period of each Dexter and Ian. At the climax of the battle, Dee Dee appears from the time machine and is revealed to be the one who saves the future. In a jealous rage, the Dexters build the army of robots seen at the beginning of the film to destroy her. As Ian the original Dexter returns to his own time, he realizes he has completed the cycle of events. However, tired of the whole ordeal, he decides to forget it and have a snack.


  • This marks Ian Isberto's debut.
  • Dexter agrees to joins Team Isberto at the end of the story.
  • This marks the first fan-made movie made.