Jet Astral

Jet Astral

Jet Astral is the first member and the leader of the Strike Knights team, one of the allies of Team Isberto. He is also a human pilot, combatant, and adventurer. Jet is the brother of Sky Astral, who taught him throughout his childhood to never give up. During his teen years, Jet joined the Intergalactic Knight Academy with his close friend named Steve Evans. It was during this time that Zintrax, the evil leader of the Lich, made his first move against the Metro System. Jet is also good friends with Marco Lenton and Jimmy McPagus, who apparently joined him at the academy. Jet also considers Tony Harrison a brother figure, as the two bonded after Sky's death.


  • Jet Astral is the resemblance of Tsukune Aono from Rosario + Vampire.

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