Red (from The Adventures of Taylor Smith Show) is the third member of The Red Arrow Force squad, one of the allies of Team Isberto. He is the little shape-shifting devil who is one the friends of Taylor Smith. He is greedy, hateful, prideful, confused, arrogant, and obviously rude to anyone else. He is also a liar that can manipulate the bad guys only, despite of being bad to the good guys. His own ability is shape-shifting that can transform himself into many objects; such as cannon, baseball bat, mallet, battering ram, and some other things. He can also breathe fire as his second ability. The things that he mostly like are some hot things; such as lava, pepper, flame, and some other hot things. Also, the things that he mostly hate are some cold things; such as water, snow, ice, and some other cold things. As the member of The Red Arrow Force, he serves as the apprentice of Red Arrow.

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