Team Isberto

Team Isberto

This is the team that Ian Isberto formed.

The team includes Ian Isberto, Buttercups from "Powerpuff Girls", Cyborg from "Team Titans" and "Team Titans Go", Dexter from the old show "Dexter's Laboratory", and Gohan from the "Dragon Ball Z Series".


History Edit

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  • Gohan is the only non-Cartoon Network characters of Team Isberto. The Cartoon Network characters are Dexter, Cyborg, and Buttercup.
  • Besides their regular adventure crew, Team Isberto has affiliations or partnerships with The Powerpuff Squad, Team Puffy, The Cody Webb Corps, Kongo Jungle Adventure Crew, The Yogi Bear Rescue Crew, The Looney Tunes Acme Squad, Don Bluth Adventure Louge Squad, The Ben 10 Alliance, Moxy's Cartoon Wastelanders, and The Red Arrow Force.